Journey Back To Health

We are all on a ‘Journey’ of some description and regardless of the nature of that journey our bodies need the right ‘fuel’ to be able to complete the task at hand.

For some, that ‘Journey’ could be something like training for a marathon, meeting really stressful deadlines or working on a life long ambition.

However, for a growing percentage of the population their ‘Journey’ is trying to have enough energy to complete their simple everyday routine.

Over time this everyday routine seems to have transformed into a difficult ‘task’ due to increased fatigue and deteriorating energy levels.

Some of you even start the day with thoughts and promises to yourself to get an early night hoping it will provide you with a little more energy for the tomorrow.

Does this sound familiar?

As a clinical practitioner of homeopathy, hypnosis and food intolerance /allergy testing, I would have to say that about 75% of my patients list ‘Tiredness’ as one of their top 3 reasons to come and see me.

From 15 years of clinical experience I can say the most common reasons for fatigue are:

Food intolerances that even in themselves can stress to our bodies and through the resultant malabsorption can lead to vitamin / mineral deficiency , which in turn can add to the stress load, creating the familiar fatigue and may even set us up for later pathology.
Stress – just from dealing with the problems of modern living.
Medications , both prescribed and over-the-counter.

General and constant fatigue, sometimes to a point of debilitation seems to be one of the biggest problems I see in my clinic.

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