About Ray Nolan

Ray Nolan, Killarney.I have spent my life exploring and trying to understand the powerful influence that the mind had on the physical body, and if you extrapolate this concept, then the influence of the mind on your, mine and everyones health.

I had explored all of the available ‘sciences’ targeting health management and restoration, and although not the popular methodology, I was most impressed by the art of Homeopathy, and it’s principles of cure.

I studied this methodology in depth, trained extensively in its application, applied my skill to the benefit of many many patients, and indeed even founded the Irish College of Homeopathic Medicine over a decade ago, and it still continues to produce some of the very finest practitioners in the western world of this noble medicine.

In further pursuit of excellence in the use of the power of the subconscious mind, I completed my studies in the field of hypno-psycho-therapy at the Hypnosis Training Institute in San Francisco, achieving the title of Master Hypnotherapist. This institute of learning is accredited with a state licence by the state of California, this status being the gold standard for such training.

In my quest to achieve a excellence in health care, my journey brought me more and more in the direction of “establishing” causation, either physical or mental/emotional ( or as it transpired; BOTH ) of health derailment, I have created a very elegant combination of approaches, which today are the foundation of my clinic.